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    April 14, 2023
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    Andrew Linden

The Surprising Advantages of Divorce in Washington State

As difficult as the divorce process may seem, you may experience surprising benefits, such as increased financial clarity, more defined parental roles, and greater self-reflection.

Realizing that your marriage is ending can be an overwhelming and emotionally complicated experience. It’s natural to mourn the romantic relationship that you once enjoyed, and the prospect of facing the future on your own can seem daunting. During this turbulent time, it’s important to give yourself the space to experience the full range of your emotions, from anger to sadness to hopefulness. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to obtain a divorce in Washington State—what matters most is how you navigate and react to each step of the process along the way. Enlisting the guidance of a caring and experienced Seattle divorce lawyer to support you during this challenging time is the best way to ensure you move forward with the clarity and confidence you need to start your life’s next chapter. You may even find yourself reaping some surprising benefits once the divorce is finalized.

Gaining Financial Clarity

One unexpected byproduct of the divorce process is regaining control of your financial planning. Divorce requires intense scrutiny of your finances; you and your spouse must go through every bank account, quantify your monthly income and expenses, assess your investment portfolios, appraise your home, and check your retirement accounts. Additionally, you must identify any outstanding debts you owe. As you work through the division of your marital assets and debts, you and your spouse will spend considerable time wading through your finances. This insight will help you understand your financial situation so you can move into your new independent life with a firm grasp of your expenditures, income, and overall economic goals. Many people who complete the divorce process report feeling more in control and aware of their spending habits, household budget, and financial goals.

Defining Parenting Roles

It’s no secret that divorce impacts family dynamics. When parents divorce, they must establish a parenting plan that identifies with which parent the children will reside and for how long. Washington courts strive to put parenting plans in place that allow the children to enjoy ample time with both parents, as this fosters opportunities for the children to forge meaningful relationships with both caregivers. As you and your spouse create a parenting plan, you have the chance to define your roles and responsibilities. This exercise often allows parents to reflect on their parenting goals, enabling them to approach their children with more purpose and mindfulness. Ultimately, even though the family unit may not live together anymore, the family dynamics may strengthen after the divorce, as the children cultivate more defined relationships with each parent.

The Opportunity for Self-Healing and Reflection

Divorce impacts every person differently. As you adjust to the reality of a failed relationship, it’s natural to feel emotionally overwhelmed, distraught, or depressed. In some cases, people feel unburdened and excited when they walk away from a marriage that no longer serves them. No matter how the divorce impacts you, this experience provides you with the opportunity to reflect and turn inward. After focusing for so long on yourself in relation to another person, you now have the time and space to devote entirely to yourself. Consider journaling, talking to a therapist, taking up a new hobby, or reconnecting with friends during this transitional time. Many people who move through the divorce process find that they are able to reconnect with who they are and what they want from life. Even if they did not want to end the marriage initially, many people found themselves grateful for the chance to reflect on their wants and needs as they laid the foundation for their life’s next chapter.

Finding Empowerment Through Decision-Making

Divorce encompasses so much more than a series of decisions—emotions run high, tensions may flare, and disappointments are often inevitable. However, this process requires people to advocate for themselves and make decisions that will impact the course of their near and long-term futures. While you may agonize over a specific decision or detail during the negotiation process, you can acknowledge how much courage this process requires. Take some time to credit yourself for your strength and ability to make important decisions, as hard as they may be. By acknowledging the hard work involved in navigating the divorce process, you can feel more empowered and optimistic moving forward.

Trusted Legal Guidance During Your Divorce Journey

While it’s possible to obtain a divorce without involving an attorney, doing so is fraught with peril. Working with a dedicated and caring attorney is the best way to ensure you make each decision clearly and confidently, without jeopardizing your future. Your lawyer will remain at your side at every stage of the process, answering each question and concern as they arise.

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Article by Andrew Linden
Associate Attorney